My how to build a list website will help you understand the process what it takes to build a list and opt in email subscriptions, consequently start making money using internet marketing. In this short article I will show you what you need to do to start building opt in email subscriptions, and how having your own email list can be one of the biggest assets in your Internet Business.

But how do you build a list of people who want to hear from you on a regular basis?

Well you need to have something important to share with your list members and bring valuable information they need and expect from you.

Important is to keep your promise and deliver expected information and be truthful with your statements. After all, your list member trusted you by providing the email address you asked them to give you. Right?

I see lot of marketers is doing it wrong. Instead providing the information they promised, before they even build any relationship with email list members they start just blasting them with digital products, ebooks and other useless stuff.

I know you need to educate yourself and become experienced Internet marketer, but stop buying outdated ebooks and other stuff that will not help you at all.

It’s good to follow someone who has lot of experience and is willing to share it with you, but how many marketers did you find that help you, and changed the way you do things on line?

I don’t see any hands raised! And this could be your asset. Educate yourself in one field and share your wisdom with others. If you provide valuable content, they will follow you.

Trust me, once you will help them, they will not hesitate to buy stuff from you. I always promote tools I use myself, and if they work for me? They will work for you as well.

On my resources page you will find lot of links and banners, and all tools you see here, I use myself.

I know some Internet Marketing Gurus are making statements that each member in your email list should bring you at least a dollar per month.

Is money the most important thing in life? I know money is important, after all we all need to pay bills, and Internet marketing might be the fastest vehicle to take you to financial independence. Regarding list members I see it like this, treat your email list members with respect and treat them like your own family, and by doing so you will become more successful than most gurus out there.

Power of reciprocation!

People will always be more open to buy your product if they feel that you did help them and changed their life. Become leader, and help others become leaders. Leaders create leaders and follow leaders. Of course if they are good people.

Some will try to just take and take again. I try to surround my self with positive happy people. If someone just knows how to complain and be unhappy, I stay away far away.

What are the tools you need to have to manage the entire process of building email list?

You really need just two tools.

First tool is your lead capture page. I use AdKreator for building my squeeze pages, but not exclusively. I will tell you why in just a second, but let’s talk about AdKreator.

AdKreator is easy to use, and it is fast solution that every marketer to use for building email list. Using AdKreator you can create your squeeze page in just few minutes, and most important part is that you don’t need to know how to upload pages to your hosting, you don’t need custom domain name, all graphics are included in the system. To use AdKreator you would need to get monthly membership to keep full access to the site. You could also just make one time payment and get lifetime access to the website. Free membership allows you limited access, and you will not be able to use it for creating squeeze pages, but you still can do all the splash pages, banners and other stuff, but having access to squeeze page building is very essential in your business. I think you should sign up at least as free member and from time to time they have huge sale where you could get full lifetime access dirt-cheap. 

Once you gain full access you can create unlimited designs, and you don’t need to be web designer to use the service. I did purchase full access to this service some time ago, for I think it was about 270 dollars, but I got much more back in return and still getting my commissions paid each month. I won some of the referral contest, got my investment back few times over and free prizes. Last three referral contests I was in top three positions.

There is another way to create squeeze pages, and if you do it right it could be really powerful way to get tons of free traffic coming straight from google.

This would be great way to build squeeze page for google’s paid ppc (pay per click) advertising, since you should have your own domain name prepared for it. I use website builder to create some of my squeeze pages. The main reason is that I get tons of free traffic from the search engines for free. But you really need to do it right from the beginning. I will cover this in my other article. That is coming up soon. You need to find out how to find right domain name if you are looking for the ultimate success in your squeeze page creation or looking for creating successful website for that matter. This part is important.

If you are building squeeze page, you need to know that video squeeze pages convert really well and you should use video not only on your squeeze page but video sharing sites like youtube as well.

Your videos or audio on your squeeze page should auto play once the site gets opened.

My list members get the video tutorials showing how to do it. You need to change youtube’s html code… Go to my free marketing tools help and sign up to receive my tips. It’s free and you can unsubscribe any time.

Second tool that you need to build your list is just like engine to your car.

Auto responder

I use aweber as my auto responder. Aweber is the best, they provide the highest deliverability of your emails sent, and aweber is easy to use.

Aweber is hands down the best tool out there.

Just want to tell you one thing, don’t even think about using any free auto responders.

I don’t want to be the one to tell you: “I told you so”. You will kick you self on you but many times over if you use free auto responder. First they have terrible delivery rate, they are blacklisted by many ISP’s (Email providers) and most of the time they go out of business since they don’t make money. Once they go out of business even if you have email list, legally you cannot email them. And if they report you as spam, you will get in trouble.

Lastly I just want to mention that if you are using any list building system or website and they don’t allow you to use your own auto responder, you are building list for someone else. I know you can email them for as long you are paid member but once you stop your upgraded account-you got nothing! Build your own list!

It is good to have your own service like safelist, or any other marketing resource tool. Once you have number of members in your system, you can email them legally. You need to have a disclaimer in your rules and have them accept your rules before they join your business.

Thank you for reading my free list building tips article, and I would appreciate if you could share it on google+, facebook, and twitter. I will post more articles with you shortly. Come back soon.





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